What is the DC Blosser Update

The DC Blosser Update is a weekly newsletter provided at no charge to subscribers. Each Friday, a new issue is sent covering a universal topic of interest to the hospitality, restaurant and service industry. The update is supported by a weekly 30 minute webinar, where Dale Blosser expounds on the topic of the week. The webinar is, also, free. 

DC Blosser & Associates is a hospitality company that provides performance consulting, feedback, action planning, and training for some of the top hotel management companies in the US.

Our goals are to assist management to

  1. Increase the level of service to place your hotel in the top 10% of any and all guest service ratings by the brand.
  2. Increase your TripAdvisor rating to #1 (or at least into the top 10) in the market.
  3. Improve guest loyalty to a maximum percentage of occupancy.
  4. Reduce employee turnover to less than 10% annually.
  5. Increase RevPAR to the best in the market.
  6. Reduce guest complaints to less than 10% of the positive comments from all feedback methods.
  7. Enhance the positive work environment to the point that the local opinion is that your hotel is the best place to work in the market.

To accomplish these aggressive goals, we partner with a client’s staff to make action plans, establish service standards, train line staff, coach managers, and track and monitor success.

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