Wow! What a great hotel!

Really isn’t our goal in service to develop guest loyalty? One of the best ways to develop this loyalty is by doing something for a guest that surprises and delights them. I like to call them a ‘Wow!’ You know, when you walk away from a business and say, “Wow. They sure are nice there, aren’t they?”

Over the years I have experienced and heard of many Wow! performances. Here are a few of the more impressive ones that were created by some wonderful housekeepers.

Guests were amazed when they returned to their room and found that the housekeeper had arranged their shoes neatly in the closet. The tip they left on the nightstand when they checked out reflected how much they appreciated it. Now that was a Wow!

Guests bought some fresh-cut flowers for their room and simply put them into an empty soft drink bottle. When the housekeeper noticed them, she found a vase in the housekeeping office and put the flowers in it. The guests were blown away when they returned to the room and saw the flowers on the bureau. Now that was a Wow!

Guests asked the housekeeper in the morning for a couple of extra towels and a packet of coffee. When the guests returned late that afternoon, they found extra fresh towels in their bathroom as well as three coffee packets. It made them feel like VIP’s. Now that was a Wow!

Guests left their toiletries on the bathroom counter. When they returned to their room that afternoon, they found their toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, hairbrush, and cosmetics arranged neatly on the counter and with the toothbrushes placed carefully on an extra, clean and folded facecloth. The amazed guests wrote a glowing comment card about how they appreciated the thoughtful service. Now that was a Wow!

Guests were unloading their luggage into the room from a luggage cart. The housekeeper in the hall noticed them and offered to assist with the luggage, introduced herself, offered additional future assistance, and even offered to take the cart back to lobby for them. The tired guests were left with big smiles on their faces. Now that was a Wow!

Guests arrived with their four children. The housekeeper noticed the big family and decided that she would anticipate some of their future needs. She put together an armful of extra amenities (extra towels, shampoo, glasses, cups, hot chocolate, cookies, etc.) and delivered them a few minutes later. The guests were shocked when they opened the door and found the housekeeper there with all the amenities and a big welcome smile. They felt like special guests. Now that was a Wow!

A Wow! can go a long way toward developing fierce guest loyalty and it gives our guests ammunition for great stories to tell about our legendary service. Let’s pledge to constantly look for ways to make our guests say, “Wow!”

Quotes for Today:
• Your stories are our history. –Alaska Airlines
• Sweat the small stuff.
• We need to delight our guests at every opportunity.

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