Using Guests Names

Guest at DeskThe use of a guests’ name reflects a special caring for them as individuals. It communicates respect. Calling a guest by name is always appropriate.

Call the guest by the last name and either Mr. or Ms. unless you are aware of the female’s marital status and that she would prefer to be called Mrs. Never call a guest by his/her first
name unless they have asked you to.

Obtain the guest’s name ASAP and use it whenever possible. At check-in and check-out his/her name should be used at least twice in the conversation. Select the points where it is the most logical for you to use the guest’s name and make it a habit. Anytime a guest is recognized, the room number is verified, or when delivering to a guest’s room, it is appropriateto refer to guests by name. For example: requesting a wake-up call (in-person or by phone), requesting assistance, asking for recommendations, when there is a problem in the room, etc.

It is appropriate for one staff member to introduce an arriving guest to the next staff member. This prevents having to ask for the name again and demonstrates caring service. For example; “Mary, this is John and Judy Brown. This is their first visit with us. They will be staying the remainder of the week. Thanks again Mr. and Mrs. Brown.”

Calling a regular/loyal guest by name is a must. It is probably the best way to recognize the guest, make him or her feel special and encourage continued loyalty.

Remember the guest’s name by repeating it, writing it down, and/or relating it to someone or something familiar to you. If you are not sure how to pronounce the name, ask the guest. 

If you have forgotten the name, apologize and ask them to remind you. Remember, this should be used only when necessary and is not a substitute for the professional skill of name recall.

When the guest’s name is difficult to pronounce, it is very appropriate to ask the guest how to pronounce it. For example, “I am not sure how your name is pronounced. Could you give me some help so I can get it right?” Guests with unique names will not be shocked with your request, but will be pleased with your attempt to get it right.

The use of guests’ names reflects a special caring for them. It communicates respect for them as individuals. Calling guests by name is a fundamental verbal skill. It is always appropriate. Everyone likes hearing the sound of their own name.

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