Top 10 Ways to Sell Desserts

Dessert is a great way to finish a meal, especially for guests staying at a hotel or resort and not on a busy schedule. Here are tips on how to sell more desserts.

  1. Assume that every guest will be ordering dessert. Dessert is not an afterthought!
  2. Mention your great desserts early in the meal. When taking the entrée order is not too early. 
  3. Always present the dessert tray and/or menu to all diners at the table.
  4. Ask the front desk staff to mention the evening’s featured dessert when checking in guests.
  5. Specifically mention at one or two of your most popular or favorite desserts.
  6. Use very descriptive words when selling desserts.
  7. When delivering desserts to a nearby table, show your guests the beautiful desserts.
  8. If guests decline dessert, mention how they might really enjoy something sweet later in the evening.
  9. If guests decline dessert, say, “All our desserts come with two forks.”
  10. Offer room service delivery of a dessert with ice cream (or other frozen options) at an agreed upon time later in the evening.

Dessert selling is part of the skill set of a professional restaurant server. Not only does it increase restaurant profitability and servers’ gratuities, but is a characteristic of superior service and can be the memorable part of a meal that can bring guests back for a return visit.

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