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Winning the TripAdvisor Game

Managing the TripAdvisor game is playing the numbers. We need to decrease negative reviews by having a planned defense against all types of dissatisfaction. To do that, we need to increase our level of hospitality and discover any possible dissatisfaction and get management action to diffuse it and recover. Then, we need to increase the number of positive reviews to more than offset any possible negative ones.


Decrease Negative Reviews:

  • Get all the team on the team.
  • Have a plan to anticipate guest possible needs and wants.
  • Promote your commitment to superior hospitality to guests (verbally & visual).
  • Motivate everyone on the team to discover any possible dissatisfaction.
  • Have everyone on the team ask guests about satisfaction during their visit.
  • Train supervisors to handle guests with complaints.


Increase Raving Positive Reviews:

  • Get a commitment from everyone on the team to provide superior service.
  • When guest verbalize satisfaction, ask for feedback on social media.
  • Have requests for TripAdvisor reviews printed on the back of managers’ cards.
  • Have a sign at all exits requesting feedback on social media.
  • Have requests for reviews in all restaurant check presenters.


Overall Plan:

  • Form a social media team.
  • Have a daily pre-shift huddles to discuss ideas to wow guests.
  • Have an active recognition program to encourage staff discovering dissatisfaction.
  • Monitor all social media sites daily.
  • Management responds within 24-hours to all even slightly negative reviews.

Get everyone on the team involved in the game. Keep them informed frequently about great reviews and increase ratings.